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How we work

1. Choose a video

You can either choose a video from our examples or just describe the video you would need.

We may ask a few questions in order to easily find the best creator for you.

2. Meet your creator

We work with a handful of local videographers, editors and storytellers.

After we connect you with the one that fits your needs the best, we also keep an eye on how things go.

3. Profit

Publish your newly-made video all over the internet and grow your business.

If you ever think we can help you make the video more visible, we sure do have some ideas so just mail us!


Music video

A music video is a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for artistic purposes.

For example: MACANACHE's music video for his latest collab with DILIMANJARO: "DILIMACHE". Camera and edit was handled by Shinijikun.

Costin Shinijikun has vast experience with music videos, he's been working with a bunch of Romanian artists already. His filmmaking abilities include cinematography, editing, directing with pre-production and production.

Facebook video

A Facebook video is a short film created especially for the Facebook type of audience. Short, smooth, memorable, shareable.

For example: needed a video that would ‘wake up’ their Facebook fans that liked their page. The idea was to give them an example of how to use their product in a fun and creative way.

To put it short, this is ‘video content for your social media channels’. Works great if you either sell goods or offer services.

Professional vlog

A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television.

A professional vlog is just another way through which companies, NGOs or communities can interact with their potential clients.

For example: Alexandra wanted to create a professional vlog for her company, Date a Startup, through which she could reach people intrested in their internships, mentorships and bootcamps.

Interview video

An interview video is always tricky because it has a lot of talk and a lot of talk can become boring at some point. We believe interviews can be fun, dynamic and smart – all at once.

For example: Banca Transilvania wanted a series of interviews with entreprenours from the capital city of Romania, Bucharest.

Here the interview with Asphalt Freaks and the three people behind the young brand.

Crowdfunding video

It’s the one thing that communicates best what you want to achieve, who you are and what you need for your idea.

For example: Hyperliteratura wanted to crowdfund ‘The Romanian History of Rock’, so we came up with a video about it’s author.

It went well, the book was funded with the help of 86 people who donated 2452 euro. The funding took place on Creștem Idei.

Product video

A product video showcases how a product is crafted either by hands or machines. Usually used for websites, Instagram or Facebook engagement.

For example: Șnur is a brand of hand crafted leather bicycle related products. This is just one of the results that Felix has at the end of a working day.

About Us


We think there is no time to waste, so we work as fast as we can without affecting quality. We also get enthusiastic, so that speed us up too.


We do work in weekends and holidays. We also work after 8PM or before 5AM. We actually never work, we just make videos whenever we can make videos.


We can't not be proactive. We care about every video we make, so we get as involved as we can in the process of making each video.


We know how businesses work and we believe being professional is a must. As simple as that.


We are never done with the job when our product is out. We do care a lot about results and, if asked, we can also give a helping hand.

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Think we should and could work together? Then drop us a line or just call us.

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Some questions

Here are a few questions that may be helpful if you want to contact us for a project.

Try and answer those questions in your e-mail.

1. What's the general purpose of the video?
(could be to engage, to sell, to present a service or a product etc.)

2. Who is the target audience?
(age, location, type, place of engagement with video etc.)

3. Is there a 'main' script for the video?
(did you imagine the video already?)

4. Preferable duration of the video?
(is there a time limit, a time recommendation?)

5. Where is the video going to be visible?
(facebook, instagram, site, event etc.)